Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homework 8/26/08

Pete I got power out at the house and friends house does not have the requirements to view the ESRI presentation......I will try after kids are down but it ain't looking good for the home team. See ya in morning. Tammy

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Pete this is kinda what I took away from what you discussed about Coverage, Shapefiles and Geodatabases in class. I think of shapefiles like a golf course with points, lines and polygons representing the course, hole and river running Thu. I know that you said they need to have other .shx and .dbf extension to help be supportive of each one. Also you told us it was a popular geospatial data format. The coverage stuff threw me for a loop the only conclusion I had there was the mapping of one aspect of data in space, I hope you said that cause I remember someone saying it. I think of Aeriel coverage like a digital elevation model. The spatially aware data is linked to each other. Geodatabase is a databased that is used to store, manipulate and compute actions in the geographical data. Did I get that one right? (Notes) Point, line and polygons are the data types used. It uses this to represent a physical location on the Earth. See ya in morning