Sunday, August 24, 2008


Pete this is kinda what I took away from what you discussed about Coverage, Shapefiles and Geodatabases in class. I think of shapefiles like a golf course with points, lines and polygons representing the course, hole and river running Thu. I know that you said they need to have other .shx and .dbf extension to help be supportive of each one. Also you told us it was a popular geospatial data format. The coverage stuff threw me for a loop the only conclusion I had there was the mapping of one aspect of data in space, I hope you said that cause I remember someone saying it. I think of Aeriel coverage like a digital elevation model. The spatially aware data is linked to each other. Geodatabase is a databased that is used to store, manipulate and compute actions in the geographical data. Did I get that one right? (Notes) Point, line and polygons are the data types used. It uses this to represent a physical location on the Earth. See ya in morning

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