Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pete, Help

It's Wed. nite and I am at home trying to finish final project. Pete my computer is telling me when I open project that "This map document was saved using new version of ARC GIS". Help.
I will call or email tomorrow, is it to late to ask for extension?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Final Project

Pete I am looking over final project and I am beginning to believe I am UP Reed creek. I can't even locate the place where you download the data from the sources. Is it all in or am I to go to different places to get the info. I watched video and think I have handle on the determining % part, but getting the stuff to get started is throwing me. I looked at City of Asheville's homepage and got nowhere. I really want to do well and thought I should get started here. Dang Pete I want you to know I have put the hours in studying and feel LOST IN SPACE. Help. I will work tomorrow and hopefully talk with you soon. Pete, Dechant really thinks I should stick with this job skill, but I want to get it before I move on.

Stuff on USB

Pete I am trying to learn how to download all my class and homework from USB, I'll keep trying.